Through my healing, mice will thrive.


Tyme grew up a very curious Fawnfur with 2 Archivist parents, Juniperarus (“Juni”, whitefur) and Pepper (blackfur). Her bedtime stories were of brave mice healing the fighters of the weasels or helping with the establishment of Lockhaven. She loved exploring the fields and learning the names and uses of herbs, especially those that helped people live better, thinking of those past heroes in Lockhaven.

Frequently,Cinnamon visited, a wandering Harvester and an old friend of her parents. They would discuss events he had seen during his wanders while Tyme would play and experiment with his plants. Cinnamon had wonderful tales of the Mouseguard, and Tyme started to dream of growing up to be one herself.

When she was older, Cinnamon took her to Elmoss and introduced her to Tyme’s senior artisan Healer Willow and her new fellow trainee Ragwort. Life was grand. Tyme focused on healing and antidotes and her friend Ragwort was especially helpful with the antidotes and the ability to identify all the poisonous plants. She enjoyed it though thought it was odd, given there were few uses for healing. Later, she found poisoned insects and was forced to tattle on Ragwort who never forgave her.

She entered the Mousegaurd at the tender age of 14 under Cumin. She was a tough mouse who once Tyme was over the initial brutal training, she began to admire as an quietly efficient and effective leader. She cont’d her relationship with Cumin, often asking advice until it was time to graduate and begin her first adventure…

Healer(4), Pathfinder(2), Scout(2), Laborer(2), Scientist(2), Persuader(2)


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