Boundaries are meant to be crossed.


Squint was born to Leaf and Harlan, cartographers who were mostly on the road and almost never in their proffered home of Port Sumac. This gave Squint early experience in how to handle oneself out in the wilderness, though his ‘nature’ exasperated his parents to no end. As he got older, his talents became very beneficial with his extreme sense of smell and ability to read the sky and get an idea of what the weather would be.

As he neared the age to apprentice to the guard, his parents took a sabbatical from mapping new territories in the wild and settled down for a bit until Squint was able to join the guard. In Port Sumac, he met his friend Musk, another kindred soul that enjoyed adventure outside of the city.

He apprenticed to Saiorse who taught him how to tend to his wounds –something that his parents thought may be beneficial to a mouse that spends so much time away from home, much like them.

His Mentor in the guard was Bryll. Bryll was the patrol leader in a Hunter squad and was also from Port Sumac – he took young Squint under his wing because he saw many things that were similar to him at that age, but also somethings that he wanted to make sure did not get ahold of Squint, or that Squint must learn to control since his natural abilities out in the wild were very apparent and not surprising based on his parents’ skills and nature.



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