Find a way over the horizon.


Mercian grew up the son of carpenters (Revain and Marie) who had a love of the water. His parents built boats for use on the local streams as a hobby and Mercian excelled at the craft. He and his friend Rusk spent their free time on the water as well and planned to go to Port Sumac together. Unfortunately for their when Raghild the Guard came through on the a patrol Mercian was enchanted by his tales of his time in the guard and of battles in the weasel war. After Raghild lef, Mercian knew hd had to joinghte guard and left at the earliest age allowable. Rusk,felt abanadoned by Mercian for this and never formgave him. He left for Port Sumac anyway.

After joining the guard, Mercian was apprenticed to a master carpenter by the name of Garbel. He learned much under Garbel. During his apprenticeship he made friends with another young apprentice, Missy. Missy was a scientist and she and Mercian spent time making variosu devices to to further her research. After his appreniceship was done he was lucky enough to be assigned to the patrol of his hero, Raghild. His time in the guard wasn’t quite up to the stories that Raghild still told but the guard was still the place for him.

Enemy : Rusk, former best friend who felt betrayed when Mercian left to join the guard. Moved to Port Sumac to become a sailor
Parents : Ravain aand Marie, Carpenters with a hobby of boat building.
Master Artisan: Garbel the Carpenter
Mentor: Raghild, a solid guardsmouse and known through the guard as a master storyteller.
Friend: Missy the scientist

skills: Pathfinder(4), Scout(2), Carpenter(2), laborer(2), Cartographer(2), boatcrafter(2), persuader(2)


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